Committee Members

Amy Buckovic - Chairperson
Margaret McCarthy
Larry Berg
Judy Burkey

What We Plan to Do

Build a main entrance with steps to the playground area

Build a small pavilion for picnics and breaks from playground activities

Purchase new and updated playground equipment

Fund Raising Activities

Labor Day Bake Sale

Fall Harvest Dinner Raffle

Aluminum Cans (from Hiles Service Club)

Brat and Bake Sale

Here is How You Can Help.....

Donations are being accepted by committee members Amy Bukovic and Margaret McCarthy.  Please make checks payable to either one and put "Funds for Fun" in the memo area of the check - THANKS!

Amy Houle-Bukovic
11191 Yellow Birch Road
Hiles WI 54511
615-649-3136 or 715-889-2224

Margaret McCarthy
10394 Tauer Lane
Hiles WI 54511



Playground Update June, 2010

We have four new benches that were made by the woodworking shop class at the Crandon School. The playground funded the money for the lumber and the shop class built them.

The Hiles Service Club donated money to purchase two picnic table kits. Brian Bukovic donated his time to put them together. They will be a nice addition to the playground. Blackwell Job Corp. will be furnishing all labor for building a small pavillion to serve as an area to get out of the sun. This will also be a nice picnic area to those who choose to bring a snack along while playing.  Blackwell will also be furnishing the labor to put in concrete stairs. The Town of Hiles has helped with the cost of these items. We only need to furnish materials and the rest is donated time by Blackwell Job Corp. Blackwell Job Corp. students will be given an opportunity to practice their carpenter skills under the lead instructor Eric Martinson. The stair will serve as a safe entrance to the playground and the pavillion will serve as a picnic area and a place to get out of the hot sun's rays. Blackwell is hoping to have this project completed by the middle of the summer.
The playground committee has been busy raising funds to purchase playground equipment. This is what we have purchased so far. We are going to be replacing the big slide with a smaller enclosed spiral slide. The slide will have a couple of attractions that will be off to the side of it. They include tic-tac-toe and a standing merry-go-round. We have also purchased a multicolored steel airplane see-saw. This will accommodate up to 7 children with a weight capacity of 600 pounds.  This should be a busy summer just trying to get all the above up and going.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to donate please feel free to contact Amy Houle-Bukovic at 715-649-3136.