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Town of Hiles

Resolution 01-98

Minimum Highway Design Standards

Whereas, It is in the public interest for the Town of Hiles to establish minimum highway design standards for highways being constructed in the town to accommodate anticipated traffic and afford satisfactory access to police, firefighting, snow removal, sanitation, and road maintenance equipment;


SECTION 1. Definitions

In order to clarify this resolution the following definitions and those on the attached 'General Terms' are applicable:

A. Approach--that portion of road extending 100 feet on each side of a culvert or bridge.

B. Base Course--the supporting base material of the roadway including shoulder.

C. Drainage--the gradual drying of a highway by system of ditches, trenches, channels, etc.

D. Grade--the rate of ascent or descent of a roadway.

E. Highway--the road or way over which the public generally has a right to pass, to include the complete right-of-way.

F. Road Bed--the whole material laid in place and ready for travel.

G. Traveled Way-traveled portion of the highway.

H. Surface Course--the top of the roadway, or traveled surface.

SECTION 2. Applicability

This resolution shall be applicable to all highways laid out by the Town Board after adoption of this resolution, including any highways dedicated in plats for proposed subdivisions submitted for review pursuant to Chapter 236 of Wisconsin Statutes, any private highways being donated to the Town, and any other highways being accepted by the Town as public highways in the Town.

SECTION 3. Road Design Standards

The following minimum design standards shall apply under this resolution.

Roadway Width Surfacing Width Shoulder Width Clearance Width Right

Of Way

New Construction 20' 18' 2' 24' 66'
Existing Roads 18' 16' 2' 24' 66'

Base Course

Base Course must be of a quality, thickness, and composition suitable for the location.

Surface Course

Surface Course must consist of either crushed aggregate or bituminous concrete composition suitable for anticipated traffic loads. The minimum amount of crushed aggregate necessary for acceptance must be at 6 inches in depth. The minimum amount of pavement necessary for acceptance must be at least 2 inches in depth.

Ditching and Culverts

The ditching of the roadway must be complete and have proper elevation to provide for adequate drainage. Any culverts necessary for proper drainage shall be installed after elevation and location is obtained from the Town Board. The minimum length of any culvert installed in a road bed shall be at least two feet greater than the base course width. The diameter and length will be subject to the approval of the Town Board, after the amount of the flowage is determined. In no case shall the culvert be less than 15 inches in diameter.


All bridges shall meet the minimum requirements of state and federal law. In the event it is decided by the Town Board, that the construction of a bridge would be of a size and cost that it would create a hardship to the owner of land required to build said bridge, then the Town Board may proceed to accept the road, complete as required above, except that part extending 100 feet on each side of said bridge. This portion of the road shall be known as the approach. The approach will be accepted as incomplete, with the reservation that the Town will bill back to the owner a portion of the cost of construction of such bridge. The Town will proceed to build said bridge and approach with the help of bridge aid if available, and billing the balance not covered by the aid or portion to be billed back to the owner.

SECTION 4. Authority for Higher Standards

The road design standards in Section 3 as stated above are intended to be minimum design standards. The Town Board shall have the discretion to impose higher design standards where in the opinion of the Town Board local conditions require higher standards or anticipated traffic in quantity or quality will require higher standards.

SECTION 5. Application for Determination of Applicable Standards

Any person may apply to the Town Board to determine what design standards should apply in a particular location, giving the description of the proposed highway and proposed design standards being requested to be approved for any proposed highway being proposed to be built. No person shall commence construction of any highway anticipated to be turned over to the own without having written approval of the proposed highway design signed by the Town Board.

SECTION 6. Final Inspection and Acceptance by the Town Board

Upon completion of the proposed highway, the Town Board will proceed to make final inspection accepting or rejecting the highway as the case may be at the discretion of the Town Board. If the highway is rejected, then corrections must be made as stated by the Town Board before final inspection will be made again. If final acceptance is made by the Town Board, the owner or owners will turn over to the Town a warranty deed free and clear of any liens necessary to convey free and clear title to the Town for the highway.

Adopted by the Town of Hiles Board this 8th day of July 1998

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