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Town of Hiles

Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Equipment or Operation Required PPE
Chain Saw Chaps/safety pants, helmet with shield or safety glasses/goggles and hard hat, and ear protection (muffs or ear plugs)
Chipper Ear protection (muffs or ear plugs), safety glasses/goggles, and hard hat
Cleaning solutions - strong Acid and caustic resistant gloves
Cut-off saw Safety glasses/goggles and face shield
Drill Press Safety glasses/goggles
Grinder Safety glasses/goggles and face shield
Loader Ear protection (muffs or ear plugs)
Small hand or power tools Safety glasses/goggles as appropriate
Spray painting Respirator
Trucks - driving Seat belts
Vehicle Batteries Safety glasses/goggles
Welding Welding helmet and welding gloves
Working in traffic situations (patching, brushing, etc.) Safety vest and hard hat

NOTE - In addition to the above, safety shoes are required by road maintenance workers for all work operations within and outside of the Town garage.

January 20, 1998


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