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Lockout/Tagout Program

For Compliance With the OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy Source

General Information

The purpose of this instruction is to insure that the Town of Hiles is in compliance with the OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy Sources, 29 CFR 1910.147. The objective is to protect employees of the Town of Hiles from injury. The purpose of lockout/tagout is to isolate any potentially hazardous energy stored in machinery and equipment before performing any servicing or maintenance activities. Lockout is the preferred method of isolation machines or equipment from energy sources. Tagout may be used is there exists no means of locking the potential energy source.

Listed below are typical energy sources to which the lockout/tagout program for the Town of Hiles applies:

Electric Power

Mechanical Power

Spring Loading

Counter Weights


Hydraulic Power

Pneumatic Energy

Procedures and Responsibility

This procedure establishes the minimum requirements for the lockout or tagout of energy isolating devices. It shall be used to ensure that the machine of equipment are isolated from all potentially hazardous energy, and locked out or tagged out before employees perform any servicing or maintenance activities where the unexpected energizing, start up, or release of stored energy could cause injury from equipment.

Full time road maintenance workers will be instructed in the significance of the lockout or tagout procedures and are the only ones authorized to implement these procedures. The procedures in the Sequence of Lockout or Tagout System Procedure will be followed.

Sequence of Lockout or Tagout System Procedure

Notify other employees that a lockout/tagout system is going to be utilized and the reason.

Shut down machine or equipment by normal procedure. Assure that all stored energy is dissipated or properly restrained.

Lockout or tagout the energy isolating devices with the individual lock or tags.

Push button or other normal operating device to make certain the equipment will not operate.

The equipment is now locked or tagged out.

After the servicing and/or maintenance is complete, remove all lockout or tagout devices. Operate the energy isolating devices to restore energy to the machine or equipment.


Training will be given to all authorized personnel. The designated safety manager will arrange for the training and certify that employee training has been accomplished.

Specific Lockout/Tagout Procedures for the Town of Hiles

When maintaining shop equipment (grinder, cut-off saw, etc.) - remove plug from wall socket and lockout with plug lockout device.

When working on engine related problems on vehicles --

1) Turn off ignition and remove key.

2) Place properly identified lockout tag on unit in a visible area such as door handle, steering wheel, etc.

When working on hydraulic problem where the dump box or boom are in a raised position apply rules #1 and #2 plus the following:

3) The safety arm will be in an upward position to hold the box or boom arms from falling. If the box or boom arms are to be raised to the full dump position, an adequate steel bar or wood blocking must also be used with the safety arm in an upward position.

4) At this time the hydraulic system will be bled off to eliminate the stored pressure.

When working on an 'articulated' piece of equipment, the above rules will apply plus the following:

5) The safety bar provided for the machine, which connects both halves of the machine will be installed.

When working on other hydraulic related vehicle maintenance, assure that hydraulic pressure is first released.

When working on vehicle electrical systems, disconnect both battery connections, and place an appropriately identified tag in a visible area near the battery.

When working on building electrical circuits, it is required to both lockout and place an appropriately identified tag on circuit breaker. A qualified person shall use test equipment to verify that circuit elements are not energized


Lockout/Tagout Program Adopted by Town Board on



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