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News and Information From Your Town Board
December, 2003

It's Tax Time Again-----

Real Estate Taxes may be paid in full at one time or in two installments. In either case, a payment is due by January 31. The proper amount, for either full payment or installment payments, can be found in the dark bordered boxes on your tax bill. If you have chosen the installment method of payment, the second payment will be due by July 31 at the Forest County Treasurer's office. For Personal Property taxes, payment is due in full by January 31. The installment method of payment is not available.

Taxpayers should note that all current year Real Estate Payments made by January 31 should be made to the Town of Hiles Treasurer at the address that appears in the upper left corner of your tax bill. Please enclose a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if you would like a receipt for your payment. Real Estate tax payments made after January 31 should be made to the Forest County Treasurer at 200 E. Madison, Crandon WI 54520.

The Town Treasurer will be available for tax collection payments at the Town Hall on
Saturdays in the months of December and January from Noon until 3PM

Annual Dog Licenses: A reminder to you that in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes 174.05 every dog over the age of 5 months is required to be licensed. Also, the Town of Hiles also has a leash law requiring that all dogs be either tied or on a leash when outdoors. A requirement of licensing is that proof of rabies vaccination be provided to the Town Treasurer. Licenses can not be issued without proof of rabies vaccination. Dog license fees are as follows and are renewable at the first of every year. Please enclose a SASE for the return of the license and the rabies certificate.

Male/Female: $8.00                                  Neuter/Spay: $3.00

Town Internet Web Site: Usage of the Town web site ( continues to increase. A recent addition is a page to list any area businesses and services. We mailed a letter to those in the area who we felt would want to be included on this page. If we missed you please let us know so that we can include your business or service. Another recent addition is the 'Hiles News' written by Pat Pfeiffer and regularly published in the Forest Republican.

What a Fantastic Centennial Celebration: The Town Board and all property owners owe a great big thanks to the Centennial Committee for all the work they did that resulted in such a great celebration on August 2 and 3. Many positive comments were received on the parade, fireworks, food, available activities, and all the other aspects of the celebration. Sure - the weather could have been just a bit better, but the rain drops did little to slow us down. The members of the group that arranged this celebration are Bernie Driggs (chair), Pat Pfeiffer, Joan Ferris, Glenn Moder, Bridget Lilteich, and Marge Gerhart. In September a time capsule, to be opened in 50 years and filled with Hiles memorabilia, was buried near the Town Hall. It is still not too late to visit the Town web site to view photos of the weekend and to order centennial merchandise - CDs, shirts, caps, recipe books, Town history book.

Brand New!! Town Service Group:

A new service group has been formed in the Town of Hiles. The club (unnamed at this time) will be the lead group for providing funerals for the families of Hiles. They will also be working on establishing a permanent site for historical memorabilia including the centennial displays. Both men and women are welcome to join. The next meeting will be held in early January. For more information contact Marilyn Pfeiffer at 715-649-3381 or Pat Pfeiffer at 715-649-3568.

Fire Department News: You may already know that the Hiles Volunteer Fire Department received an award of $44,000 from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program in June. This is the third year of this program and we were honored to be included in the first round of weekly grant awards to be announced through the spring of 2004. This is a 90/10 sharing program where the local fire department is required to cover 10% of the expenses. Our award allows us to improve our communication system with personal pagers, portable radios, a computer to be used for training, and a repeater for pager coverage in the northern part of the Town. Station A is already enjoying be notified of emergencies by pagers, instead of the previous phone system, and arrangements are being worked out between Station B and the county dispatch center.

Remember to now dial 911 for any type of emergency (law enforcement, fire, ambulance)

Seasonal Vehicle Weight Restrictions (Load Limits): To reduce damage to roads during the spring thaw, municipalities in northern Wisconsin place weight restrictions on their roads. For Town of Hiles roads, the limit is 10,000 pounds (5 tons) and this restriction usually lasts for a six to eight week period. The road restrictions can begin as early as mid February and last until late May depending on the weather. Please use these guidelines to plan your deliveries and other needs that require heavy loads on our roads.

And Some Miscellaneous: Remember that the Town Road Crew is available to do private drive plowing for property owners in the Town. We generally plow when snow accumulates to a few inches and this is usually seven to ten plowing occasions in a winter. To make arrangements contact Treasurer Judy Burkey. Those of you building a new one or two family residence - please be reminded that in addition to applying for a land use permit from the Forest County you (or your builder or agent) are also responsible to apply for a Wisconsin Administrative Building Permit (SBD-8254) from the Town of Hiles. The Town does not enforce the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code and this permit recognizes this and provides that the state building codes must still be met. Your application may be obtained form Cathy Votis, Town Clerk.

Who to Call For What - here are your current Town Officials

Name, Title Address Contact Contact For--
Karl Tauer, Chairperson 10796 W. Pine Lake Rd
Hiles WI 54511
715-649-3299 General Town information, snow plowing, roads
Chuck Hill, Supervisor 10851 Nature Trail

Three Lakes WI 54562

General Town information
Mike Votis, Supervisor 10920 Yellow Birch Rd

Hiles WI 54511

General Town information
Judy McKay-Burkey, Treasurer 10744 W. Main Street

Hiles WI 54511

Snow plow contracts, real estate tax questions, dog licenses, transfer station permits
Cathy Votis, Clerk 9156 N. Main Street
Hiles WI 54511
Cemetery, alcoholic licenses, elections, hall bookings
Todd M. Pauls
B.A. Pauls & Associates
PO Box 2190
Wausau WI 54402
Questions on tax assessments

Call the above people or call the Town Office (715-649-3680) and leave a message. You may also
e-mail us at

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