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December, 2002

It's Tax Time Again-----

Real Estate Taxes may be paid in full at one time or in two installments. In either case, a payment is due by January 31. The proper amount, for either full payment or installment payments, can be found in the dark bordered boxes on your tax bill. If you have chosen the installment method of payment, the second payment will be due by July 31 at the Forest County Treasurer's office. For Personal Property taxes, payment is due in full by January 31. The installment method of payment is not available.

Taxpayers should note that all current year Real Estate Payments made by January 31 should be made to the Town of Hiles Treasurer at the address that appears in the upper left corner of your tax bill. Please enclose a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if you would like a receipt for your payment. Real Estate tax payments made after January 31 should be made to the Forest County Treasurer at 200 E. Madison, Crandon WI 54520.

The Town Treasurer will be available for tax collection payments at the Town Hall on Saturdays in the months of
December and January from Noon until 3PM

Please note that the 'Average Assessment Ratio' on the tax bill is now closer to 100 percent, whereas last year this number was 65 percent. This is the result of the property reassessment that we had asked our assessor to perform over the past two years. The 'Average Assessment Ratio' is the ratio of the total Town assessed property value to the amount determined by the state as being the state equalized value. This change brings us into compliance with State of Wisconsin rules relating to the assessment of real estate. The increase in your property value does not result in a corresponding increase in taxes, as taxes are determined by the tax levies and budgets of the various taxing bodies.

Annual Dog Licenses: A reminder to you that in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes 174.05 every dog over the age of 5 months is required to be licensed. Also, the Town of Hiles also has a leash law requiring that all dogs be either tied or on a leash when outdoors. A requirement of licensing is that proof of rabies vaccination be provided to the Town Treasurer. Licenses can not be issued without proof of rabies vaccination. Dog license fees are as follows and are renewable at the first of every year:

Male/Female - $8.00 Neuter/Spay - $3.00

Checks for dog licenses should be made out to the Town of Hiles and mailed with your proof of vaccination to (please enclose a SASE for the return of the license and the rabies certificate):

Judith McKay-Burkey, Treasurer Town of Hiles
10744 W. Main Street
Hiles WI 54511



The centennial committee of Bernie Driggs (chair), Pat Pfeiffer, Joan Ferris, Glenn Moder, Bridget Lilteich, and Marge Gerhart, have been extremely busy planning a super celebration for the first weekend in August of this summer to celebrate Hiles reaching its 100th year. See the enclosed brochure with all the details!! The committee will be publishing a book of favorite recipes from Town residents. They ask that you send your ‘favorite’ to:

Marge Gerhart, 11070 Four Duck Lane, Three Lakes WI 54562

Town Web Site: The Town web site ( has experienced about 75,000 'hits' since being launched at the time last year. The traffic to the site peaked during the summer with many people looking for visitor information in our area. We hope that those of you who use the site find it helpful and informational. We are one of only 40 towns in the state to have a web site. At the site you can find information regarding meetings, town special events, contact information for town officials, the fire department, and much more. We are in the process of incorporating new pages with additional information about the town and the services that we provide. Please check out these new capabilities.

Recycling Update: You may be aware that the County developed a contract with Waste Management Inc. for recyclable materials beginning last January. The new procedures appear to be working very well for our residents. As a trial, we asked Waste Management to provide a container for the disposal of scrap metal during the past summer. This proved to be a valuable service to our people and we intend to continue this service next summer. These containers are for pure metal only - no fabric, wood, etc. And please remember that the trash dumpsters are intended for normal household trash that is placed into plastic bags. If you need information or assistance with your recycling or trash disposal, please see the attendant at the transfer station. The open hours are 10 til 2 on Saturdays and Wednesdays and also Sundays in the summer.

Fire Numbers - 911 Service: The north end of the Town and the Julia Lake area are currently served by enhanced 911 (E911) service from Vilas and Oneida Counties. The southern part of the town now has basic 911 service from Forest County. E911 (where the dispatcher has a display of the calling name and number) will be available in the future. All residents are now encouraged and asked to dial 911 in the case of an emergency. The answering dispatcher will then alert the agencies needed to respond to your emergency. All property owners are asked to assure that their fire number is clean, visible, and in a good location for observation from the road. If a replacement sign is needed, contact Town Clerk Cathy Votis.

Annual Meeting: The next annual meeting for Town electors will be on Tuesday, April 8 beginning at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall. This is your opportunity to discuss issues that may be of interest to all Town residents. We will hear a complete report from the Centennial Committee for what is being planned for August 2 and 3, 2003. Plan to not miss this one!

Election Notes: Please remember that absentee ballots for elections must be requested in writing to the Town Clerk. Each elector requesting an absentee ballot must do so in writing (one person can not request ballots for him/her self and their spouse). If you have Internet access please see further details and download an absentee ballot application from the town web site.

Who to Call For What - here are your current Town Officials
(Elections are in April, 2003)

Name, Title Address Contact Contact For--
Karl Tauer, Chairperson 10796 W. Pine Lake Rd
Hiles WI 54511
715-649-3299 General Town information, snow plowing, roads
Chuck Hill, 10851 Nature Trail
Three Lakes WI 54562
715-479-6903 General Town Information
Mike Votis, 10920 Yellow Birch
Hiles WI 54511
715-649-3648 General Town
Judy McKay-Burkey, Treasurer

10744 W. Main Street Hiles WI 54511 715-649-3320

Snow plow contracts, real estate tax questions, dog licenses, transfer  station permits
Cathy Votis, Clerk 9156 N. Main Street
Hiles WI 54511


Cemetery, alcoholic licenses, elections, hall bookings, board of review
Todd M. Pauls
B.A. Pauls & Associates Assessor
PO Box 2190
Wausau WI 54402

Questions on tax assessments

Call the above people or call the Town Office (715-649-3680) - messages are checked daily.
You may also e-mail us at

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