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News and Information From Your Town Board
December, 2001

Hi Folks--

Sorry about the lateness of the tax bills this year. The county was late having their budget meeting. Please note your new transfer station permits are enclosed. We do not send them out every year (it has been ten years) so please laminate them, punch a hole in the corner, and hang on a hook. These permits are another reason that if the property changes ownership please let us know. Effective in January, 2002, the County has accepted a proposal from Waste Management Inc. for the collection and processing of our recyclable material. They will provide containers for the recyclables (no more trailers) and 'commingling' will be allowed. This means that you will need to only minimal separation of your recyclables. Additional information will be available at the transfer stations.

Real Estate Taxes may be paid in full at one time or in two installments. In either case, a payment is due by January 31. The proper amount, for either full payment or installment payments, can be found in the dark bordered boxes on your tax bill. If you have chosen the installment method of payment, the second payment will be due by July 31 at the Forest County Treasurer's office. For Personal Property taxes, payment is due in full by January 31. The installment method of payment is not available.

Taxpayers should note that all current year Real Estate Payments made by January 31 should be made to the Town of Hiles Treasurer at the address that appears in the upper left corner of your tax bill. Please enclose a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if you would like a receipt for your payment. Real Estate tax payments made after January 31 should be made to the Forest County Treasurer at 200 E. Madison, Crandon WI 54520.

The Town Treasurer will be available for tax collection payments at the Town Hall
on Saturdays in the months of December and January
from 11AM until 3PM

We informed you last year that we had established a contract with our assessor (Todd Pauls) to conduct a total property reassessment that would be effective January, 2002. Because of the significant increases in the state equalized value for our Town in the past several years, we may all expect that our assessed values will go up by quite a bit. Does this affect your taxes for next year - not necessarily! Taxes are determined by the taxing body and not the values of our properties - please see the information provided by Todd later in this newsletter.

Annual Dog Licenses: A reminder to you that in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes 174.05 every dog over the age of 5 months is required to be licensed. Also, the Town of Hiles also has a leash law requiring that all dogs be either tied or on a leash when outdoors. A requirement of licensing is that proof of rabies vaccination be provided to the Town Treasurer. Licenses can not be issued without proof of rabies vaccination. Dog license fees are as follows and are renewable at the first of every year: Please enclose a SASE for the return of the license and the rabies certificate

Male/Female: $8.00
Neuter/Spay: $3.00

Town Internet Web Site: Yes - we are the first Town in Forest County and one of the few Towns in Wisconsin to have developed a web site. Check it out at It is still in the 'formative' stages but will be a good source of information for the residents of Hiles and other visitors to the site. It has information on the Town - the history, the elected officials, plans for the centennial celebration, etc. Let us know your comments and suggestions for improvements and additions.

Planning for the Centennial Celebration: Hiles will be 100 years old in 2003, and your Centennial Committee is now planning a two-day celebration. To be included are a picnic pig roast, a craft show, a street dance with a disc jockey. Other possibilities are helicopter rides, fireworks, and games and contests. Joan Ferris, Marge Gerhart, and Bernie Driggs are all working hard to make this celebration a success that we will all remember. For more details as they are developed see the Hiles web site at The committee will need more help as the time gets closer - we hope there are people out there that would be interested and willing to help shape up the perfect celebration for Hiles. Call Bernie Driggs at 715-649-3528.

Fire Department News: This year both fire department stations took on the challenge of developing a 'First Responder' capability to supplement our responding ambulance services. The nationwide First Responder system has developed over the years in response to the need to provide immediate emergency medical care for life threatening situations, especially in areas like ours where ambulance response times can be long because of traveled distances. First Responders are trained in areas such as CPR, airway maintenance, control of bleeding, and patient stabilization. A total of twenty fire fighters and first responders attended 55 hours of intense training and are now prepared to assist with medical emergences in the Town. First responders have already responded to several calls in the southern part of the Town. First responders will be available to be dispatched in the northern portion early in the year. The first responders are dispatched at the same time as the ambulance crew.

Annual Meeting: The next annual meeting for Town electors will be on Tuesday, April 9 beginning at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall. This is your opportunity to discuss issues that may be of interest to all Town residents. We will hear a report from the Centennial Committee regarding plans for the August, 2003 celebration.

Notes From Todd Pauls, Assessor, Regarding the Property Revaluation: This is a note to property owners in the Town of Hiles that for the 2002 assessment year (next year) new assessed values will be established for each parcel. The assessed values need to be reviewed in order to maintain compliance with the Department of Revenue equalized values. The market sales from 1999-2002 will be used to establish new assessed values. The DOR estimates the Town of Hiles is at 65% of full market value. This is an average from all the sales that have taken place in the Town compared to current assessed values. This is not saying that an individual property is at 65% of assessed value, for a direct distinction is not made between types of properties. Example - forest lands, residential, commercial, and location of a parcel. It is important to remember that the new assessed values are based on market sales and not tax demand. The amount of tax is determined by the amount of revenue needed by the taxing entities and the apportionment of revenues. The new values for the 2002 assessments will be established later in the year of 2002 and property owners will be notified of these new values.

Who to Call For What - here are your current Town Officials

Name, Title Address Contact Contact For--
Karl Tauer, Chairperson 10796 W. Pine Lake Rd
Hiles WI 54511
715-649-3299 General Town information, snow plowing, roads
Chuck Hill, Supervisor 10851 Nature Trail
Three Lakes WI 54562
General Town information
Mike Votis, Supervisor 10920 Yellow Birch Rd
Hiles WI 54511
General Town information
Judy McKay-Burkey, Treasurer 10744 W. Main Street
Hiles WI 54511
Snow plow contracts, real estate tax questions, dog licenses, transfer station permits
Cathy Votis, Clerk 9156 N. Main Street
Hiles WI 54511
Cemetery, alcoholic licenses, elections, hall bookings,
Todd M. Pauls
PO Box 2190
Wausau WI 54402
Questions on tax assessments

Call the above people or call the Town Office (715-649-3680) - messages are checked daily. You may also e-mail us at


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